Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not feeling good

Ate a packet of spinach sticks (whatever that shit is), a packet of candy and drank a gallon of water, and feel like crawling under the bed and dying. hands shake, mouth dry, face puffed, heartbeat not normal. fuck nes!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to NES!

I am Sviatlana Piatakova, a writer from Minsk, and after having suffered, with varying degrees of severity, from NES for at least 18 years, I have finally decided to do something about it. My shrink says talking is healthy (let’s hope she is right about that one because she kind of blew the whole fighting NES thing with a ‘just have a drink of water instead’ genius tip) so that is what I intend to do – talk it out in this blog about Night EatingSyndrome. Anything I can discover on the web, from friends, enemies, fellow sufferers, lovers and pets, I am going to share here and hopefully it can help someone battle this shady condition, even when health professionals shun away.

Important Disclaimer: Despite occasionally sporting horn-rimmed spectacles, I am not a medical professional and this blog as well as the Facebook NES page are not sources of accurate scientifically proven information on Night Eating Syndrome, or any other health condition. They are simply an attempt to shed some light on this dimly lit disorder, learn, communicate and laugh through tears when all else fails. Everyone – welcome!

They say one way to fight addiction is to find a good substitute (a carrot for a cigarette, a swinger with a carrot for heroin). So maybe I should take on the addiction of detailing my fridge adventures as an NES freak. Again, don't do this at home. 

ENTRY 1: December 5 - 6

Had one cough candy at 2 a.m. Had some halva at 3 a.m. (kept in mind that child will ball her eyes out if I eat it all – approximately 30% of brain awake – so left 1/3 of the original portion for said child). Had 2 large persimmons at 4 and 5 a.m. respectively. Had one throat infection candy at 6 a.m. (In my defense, have a nasty cold). DID NOT skip breakfast.